The Ladies of the Magna Carta – a Review

Well, it is the last day of the Ladies of Magna Carta Blog Tour. And what a way to end it! With this amazing review from author Derek Birks.
Don’t forget, if you would like a signed book plate to pop in the front of your copy of Ladies of Magna Carta, simply drop me a line with your address via the ‘Contact Me’ button and I will get one out to you.

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I am absolutely delighted that my blog has the honour of being the final stop on a blog tour to celebrate: The Ladies of the Magna Carta by Sharon Bennett Connolly.

18998Sharon Bennett Connolly is fast becoming the go-to historian if you want to find out more about the lives of medieval women. Her latest book is interesting on so many levels for once again the author introduces the reader to an alternative medieval world – a world where the focus is on the women, not the men.  Some of the stories of these noblewomen are inspiring – even heroic – but others reveal the dark side of medieval life at the top.  Above all, this book demonstrates the vital role played by women in the tumultuous events surrounding the Magna Carta of 1215.

The world of men in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries was dominated by the close…

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