A New Book Review – Silk and the Sword; the Women of the Norman Conquest

What an exquisite review of Silk and the Sword: the Women of the Norman Conquest!


SBC Isn’t that just gorgeous?!

“So, who were these women? What was their real story? And what happened to them after 1066? From Emma of Normandy, wife of both King Cnut and Aethelred II, to Saint Margaret, a descendant of Alfred the Great himself, we will trace the fortunes of the women who had a role to play before, during and after the momentous year of 1066. Throughout these tumultuous times, women played a prominent part, in support of their husbands, their sons and of their people, be they English, Norman, Danish or Norwegian. Their contributions were so much more than a supporting role, and it is time their stories were told, and the influence they had on events, was examined in detail”.

‘Examined in detail’ being the clue to this book. The above excerpt is taken from the introduction; a very in-depth and detailed intro that serves the reader…

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