Ladies of Magna Carta

Today on the Ladies of Magna Carta Blog Tour I stop by author SJA Turney to talk about the Family Ties that link so many of the women of the Magna Carta story.

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Today, I have something of a treat for you. The lovely, knowledgeable and entertaining Sharon Bennett Connolly has just released a new book covering the impressive women with an involvement in the great Magna Carta. You might know that I’m a devotee of Sharon’s work, having read and reviewed her two previous books, and this one holds up her excellent standard. Quite simply I’ve not come across anyone more knowledgeable on the subject of the women of Medieval Britain than her. I’ll review the book at the end here, but first, as part of her Blog Tour, Sharon has kindly penned an article on the book, so feast your historical hunger on this:

* * *

Thank you so much to Simon for inviting me to his blog to talk about Ladies of Magna Carta: Women of Influence in Thirteenth Century England.

Family Ties

When writing Ladies of Magna Carta

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2 thoughts on “Ladies of Magna Carta

  1. Jenna 17/06/2022 / 19:18

    I’m interested in trying to get more info on Lady Nicola please.


    • Sharon Bennett Connolly 17/06/2022 / 20:24

      Hi Jenna, there is a whole chapter in Nicholaa in Ladies Magna Carta. I have just last month completed her biography, which will be published in the spring of next year. Hope that helps, Sharon


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